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Although the Sunday trade ban slightly cooled down consumers ’shopping enthusiasm, there are still many market goods and services available at this time. Immediate meeting of needs is a priority for many consumers. This also includes raising extra cash, especially for unforeseen, even emergency expenses. Non-bank institutions, wanting to meet this need, make available loans on weekends. They can be obtained via the Internet.

Real online lenders for bad credit get you cash today in minutes

An online bad credit loan on Sunday belongs to the weekend loan offer group. You can apply for a 24/7 online bad credit loan with us. Banking entities that provide them provide their services also on non-working days. The application process is carried out in an online formula. After considering it, in the same formula, the decision is forwarded to the lender. It also means that employees of institutions offering online payday loans on Saturdays and Sundays can also be contacted at this time.

It is worth noting that each of the non-bank entities individually sets the time for processing applications on weekends. There are entities that offer their services only on Saturdays or on Sundays only at certain times. Few of them offer, for example, payday loans at night.

Loans available on weekends – requirements

Non-bank entities have long been advertising their offers under the slogan of the fastest funds granted. The basic issue that affects this is the swift consideration of your credit application. The process of verifying the necessary data and desired documents is the most important in this case. The smaller the requirements an institution has in the context of providing certain certificates, the faster this process can take place. This is one of the basic dependencies.

On the other hand, there is also a borrower. He also has specific requirements when applying for funds. In addition to the formal requirements, which are always described in the Framework Loan Agreement, one should also take into account all objective circumstances related to the money transfer process.

Fast online loan on Sunday

Fast online loan on Sunday

Where to start applying for additional funds during the weekend? The first step, of course, is to choose a company that provides loans at non-standard weekend time. There are many such institutions on the market. The second thing is to learn about the formal requirements that the lender places. Basic information on the conditions for granting funds can be found in the shortened versions of the offers. A good example is the offer advertised as a loan for an ID card. However, it should be remembered that actual information about the requirements of the lender will be included in the Framework Loan Agreement. And above all, this document should be analyzed to be sure of them.

If the lender does not require any other documents or certificates, it can be assumed with confidence that the only requirement will be having an identity card. On the one hand, it is definitely the feature of the offer that allows you to apply for funds without any additional effort. But at the same time, it must be emphasized that these types of offers also have their limitations. It is primarily about the amount of funds available. If you try to borrow larger sums of money, loans available on weekends may not meet these needs. Why?

Each transaction, i.e. the granting of a loan by a non-banking institution, involves financial risk. This risk of consumer insolvency is obviously on the lender’s side. Companies wanting to minimize them must have basic data on the financial situation of their clients. Permanent employment or a permanent source of income are the minimum guarantee of debt repayment. The second important issue is a positive credit history that can confirm the credibility of the borrower. It should also be confirmed. The higher the loan amounts are, the greater the need to verify the current and past financial situation of the consumer.

Receiving a loan at the weekend, immediately after applying for it, proves that full verification of the borrower’s financial standing is not necessary. But, of course, this applies to certain amounts of money that can be made available as part of the assumed financial risk. Therefore, a quick online loan on Sunday, granted on the same day, without the requirement to provide certificates, will probably not be higher than PLN 6,000. And the most popular offers on the market, where you can apply for weekend funds, relate to amounts of 1000 PLN – 3000 PLN.

Online loan on Saturday and Sunday – what should the consumer take care of?

Online loan on Saturday and Sunday - what should the consumer take care of?

The conditions for granting funds and formal requirements are the first, but not the only thing to look out for if you are applying for money over the weekend. It should also be remembered that the whole process takes place online. It is thanks to this that we can take advantage of the weekend loan option. But if we want the funds to actually be on our account as a borrower at that time, we should take care of several issues or at least become aware of them.

All loans granted online require the use of specific tools. They enable the transfer of cash, communication and verification of the borrower’s data. Thus, the absolutely basic requirements without which no transaction will take place are having an electronic bank account and an active e-mail account.

The bank account has two purposes. First of all, it allows you to make a verification transfer. This confirms the compliance of the data provided in the loan application with the data of the account owner. Secondly, we will receive the money transfer to them.

In this context, it should be remembered that posting transfers is more important than just making transfers. Transfers on Saturdays or Sundays have a chance to arrive in a short time only if the transfer takes place within the same bank.


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Direct lender payday loans online bad credit -Cash loans direct lenders only Thu, 19 Sep 2019 05:56:04 +0000 Do you want to borrow a 50 euro without BKR assessment? A small loan is possible with certain mini-loan providers. This is possible by taking out a mini loan of 100 euros and using only 50 euros. Even if you have a BKR registration, you can still apply for this loan without being tested. You can request a mini loan of 50 euros easily and quickly online. Do you want to borrow more money? Then it is also possible, for example, to borrow 500 euros, to borrow 1000 euros up to an amount of 1500 euros. On this page you will find all the information how you can borrow 50 euros that will be in your account within 24 hours.

Cash loans direct lenders only: Even people with bad credit have options

You can easily and quickly borrow money through cash loans direct lenders, even for people with bad credit. You must apply for a loan of 100 euros and use only 50 euros of this. You can immediately repay the remaining 50 euros via Ideal. Requesting a small loan of 50 euros has a standard lead time of 15 or 30 days. This means that you must have repaid this loan within 15 or 30 days. In addition, you must meet a number of conditions in order to apply for a mini-loan. You can read more about this below.

Conditions of a Mini Loan

  • You live in the Netherlands
  • You have the Dutch nationality
  • You are between 21 and 70 years old
  • You may need proof of income

How can you borrow 50 euros?

Applying for a loan of 50 euros is easy and fast at Zaloan or Eicredit. A mini loan without paperwork is often the wish of the customer and this makes the application process very easy. You must go through a number of steps.

Requested in 5 steps

  1. To the site of the mini-loan provider
  2. Send a copy of your ID in color via a webcam
  3. Make a choice personal guarantor or external guarantor
  4. Transfer € 0.01 to approve your bank account
  5. After approval you will receive your loan within 1 day

The cost of a loan of 50 euros

The cost of a loan of 50 euros

As described above, you must take out a loan of 100 euros, using only 50 euros. The small loan can be a lot more expensive if you do not have a personal guarantor. The costs of a loan of 100 euros with a guarantor from a mini-loan provider are as follows:

15 days with guarantor

The costs are € 0.53 if you choose a period of 15 days and if you choose a guarantor who is affiliated with Zaloan or Balance Dip, an amount of € 10.89 will be added.

30 days with guarantor

The costs are € 1.08 if you choose a period of 30 days and you choose a guarantor who is affiliated with Zaloan or Eicredit then an amount of € 21.00 will be added.

Borrowing 50 euros without BKR review

You can borrow money under 500 euros without being tested at the BKR. So if you want to borrow money quickly with a negative BKR registration, there are many options for an affordable mini loan. Requesting a mini loan is free, without obligation and can be done online within a few minutes. By following a number of steps you can borrow money easily and quickly. The minimum amount for a mini loan is 100 euros to no less than 1500 euros. So do you urgently need money for a short time? Then this is the outcome! You can easily pay off your loan within a few weeks.

What is a BKR registration?

In the Netherlands there is protection when it comes to consumer loans. The Credit Registration Office , better known as the BKR, is a body that keeps track of Dutch loans. For example, the BKR indicates that there are 9 million consumers in their files. and loans from € 500 are registered with the BKR. A BKR registration generally has a negative association. The case is that there are two types of registration, a negative BKR registration, but also a positive BKR registration. As long as you have paid off your loan, nothing is wrong and you have a positive registration. You will receive a negative registration if you cannot pay off your loan. After two months of payment arrears, the loan provider will report this to the BKR. You have probably already had contact or notice from your loan provider about your arrears. You can no longer take out a loan for protection.

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Microloans of the Future Tue, 04 Jun 2019 07:10:58 +0000

Does it need to be told that the financial system, like no other, follows innovation and new technologies? Every bank is now trying to make its services more convenient for customers and transactions faster. Who knows, maybe microloans in the future will be approved before the client contacts the company. Anyway, filling out an application for a loan through a web form may be a thing of the past.

Our children, if they look at today’s online lending services, can be very surprised at what they need:

– more than 5 minutes to enter your personal information from the keyboard (sometimes with a very small keyboard on the smartphone)

– collect and submit additional documents for scoring

– wait for approval, and then wait for the receipt of funds on your card.

They will not understand this because it takes a lot of time and unnecessary effort. This is the same as today we are unlikely to understand a person who buys a huge encyclopedia on several CDs or uses an old modem who needs a telephone cable to access the Internet. Those who are over 25 years old will surely remember the sounds that this device made.

Microloans of the future with new technologies

Microloans of the future with new technologies

After ten years should appear financial products that do not require the consumer:

– to distract from the affairs

– sit in front of the computer

– focus on repeatedly explaining who they are and what they want from their device.

New technologies will improve consumer identification systems and make future microloans our friends, who know us and faithfully expect us to signal that we need to use their service. When the bank needs our attention, he will carefully ask a question in order to receive information from his client. The most important thing is that they will remember everything that was told to them once, without reminders and confirmation, and will carefully ask about the available information when any changes appear.

In the near future, our gadgets will replace devices that resemble inserts with intelligent sensors that will read signals without the need to get them out of their pocket, turn on, enter a password, and then press buttons. With the help of smart devices you can confidentially interact with other consumers. They will be able to observe the context of events and activate at the right time.

Active technical support

Active technical support

Once having received data from the consumer, the system itself will interact with all client devices. The product, not the user, will decide when to interact with us. It will switch from one device to another, whether it is our smartphone, a navigator in the car, a home computer or the Smart Home system, read information from them and transmit to an insert that is always at the customer’s place.

Microloans of the future should produce products

Microloans of the future should produce products

That will process all this information and foresee the needs of their customers. Even such moments when a person is in a hurry for a business meeting, the application must react, pick up a calm voice and bring the details of the transaction to the device, and maybe even advise to postpone the meeting.

Of course, for such a tight interaction with the client, he will need to transfer his personal data to the company, which will be stored and in no way disclosed. In addition to the passport numbers and social insurance numbers that are already familiar to us, social network accounts, mailboxes and digital signatures will have significant significance. The user will understand the difference when he provides information for eternal use, and when for one particular case. At any time, the user should be able to withdraw the information.

Today, microloans are considered more individual financial products than bank loans. In the future, they can track information about their clients every second and be some kind of financial advisor.

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The main reasons why you can not take a loan Sat, 25 May 2019 07:11:04 +0000 The availability of credit programs daily tempts to quickly solve current problems, without thinking about what will happen next. The situation by 2018 led to an increase in the debt of Russians to more than 150 thousand rubles per person, and the average monthly income of about 30 thousand rubles. It is easy to calculate that, taking into account the daily expenses for life, citizens can hardly pay their debts for a year. There are reasonable doubts: is it true the bank’s funds will be able to resolve the issue?

Do I need to take a loan

According to analysts, in the second half of 2018, a new wave of bankruptcies of financial organizations and individuals who are unable to service accumulated debts is likely. The problem concerns those debtors who made rash expenditures, issuing new credit obligations to MFIs and banks that give loans without refusal. The lending business aims to make a profit, and high-risk transactions with minimum requirements for borrowers are forced to assign excessive interest rates. The lender will try to squeeze the maximum out of the client even in the most difficult position, but the borrower will long experience all the negative consequences of such lending.

What loan is not worth taking

What loan is not worth taking


A reasonable person will think many times before contacting the bank, knowing that for every foreign penny you will have to pay twice. Other citizens quietly live in expensive apartments, drive on new models of the foreign car industry, enjoy current benefits without thinking about future payback. Faced with a proposal, at first very profitable, carefully weigh whether you need to take out a loan. An interactive test about the validity of a loan will correctly place accents, because sometimes borrowed funds allow a hopeless situation and even bear the benefit of the borrower.

Credit to maintain the previous level of life


Bank funds help to maintain the standard of living when income decreases, earnings are lost. However, such a solution is a temporary delay, after which even greater problems will have to be solved.

The growth in the number of unemployed citizens of working age does not inspire optimism when a person, taking money from a bank, expects to quickly find a good job with high pay. In a situation of economic instability such expectations are the fate of brave citizens, but far from the realities of life. After 5-7 months, the debt turns into irrevocable. The borrower is aware that he cannot maintain the same lifestyle that he had with high wages.

It’s time to rethink your life, commensurate with real incomes and expenses.

Credit purchases with the risk of loss of liquidity



Dreams of any driver – a comfortable car, in which serious distances are overcome without fatigue, does not require constant investments in repairs. However, for an expensive foreign car hiding serious debts to the creditor, the obligation to pay for comprehensive insurance, additional costs for 3-5 years. During the service, the car loses its price, there are problems that require investments in repairs. By the end of the payments, the borrower loses on the interest overpayment and involuntary insurance an amount equivalent to the initial price of the car without a run. The future sale of a car that has lost at least 20% of its price is non-profit.

Similarly consider the purchase of jewelry (excluding antiques, which over the years only increase in price).

Spending up to 40–50% of income on the purchase of items for reputation, the borrower refuses to satisfy his immediate needs, maintains a false high status.

Loan for the loan

Loan for the loan


A person takes a loan at a high percentage, yielding to assurances of the benefit of an instant credit card. Soon he discovers that there are offers on the lending market with a lower rate. It is logical to appeal to the refinancing program to close previous debts.

Yes, the percentage of this program is lower than the previous rate of the first lender, but with the final benefit, not everything is so easy. The simplest mathematical calculations on an online calculator will show that more often there is no benefit:

  1. Annuity payment settlement scheme means priority interest repayment at the very beginning of lending, and the principal debt is practically not reduced. This is profitable in the first half of the payout period. Taking a new loan to pay off the debt at the end of the term of the first contract, the borrower subscribes to the conditions. According to them, he is forced to pay interest on the loan first, slightly reducing the total debt.
  2. Already when signing the contract, the borrower detects the need for additional spending on options, services, service of the second lender. This makes doubtful the savings from replacing the existing debt with a new one.
  3. Sometimes programs, unlike initial conditions, are not so profitable. Examine the terms of the new loan before signing the loan agreement.

What is better refinancing or a new loan in the bank? Refinancing Loan!

If there are difficulties in servicing the current debt, we advise you to immediately communicate with the lender and ask you to restructure the existing debt by revising the terms of the loan within the same financial institution. It would be economically justified to apply for a new agreement to another bank if it was not possible to change the terms of the loan. The difference in the total overpayment in percentage exceeded 4 points.

Credit just in case


You get used to good quickly, and then it’s harder to refuse comfort. When financial requests exceed real income, a person draws up a loan, but when paid, he realizes that it would be nice to make another expensive purchase. Many financial institutions, when considering applications from potential customers, assess the ability to pay, incur increased costs of servicing credit debts, taking into account the new loan. However, there are cases when a creditor, by protecting itself with a high interest on a loan, gives loans to any candidate.

In order not to face a situation when all the income is not enough to service the loans, give up the time of purchase. This will keep the relative stability of your financial situation. Consider other ways to get the right thing without resorting to borrowed money . There are no legal ways not to pay the loan without consequences for the borrower. To avoid bankruptcy, loss of property and restrictions, when signing a new loan agreement, you need to remember that you have to pay anyway. If not with money, then with time spent, nerves, limited civil rights.

A microloan and mega consequences

A microloan and mega consequences

When a bank refuses to issue money, and the situation requires an urgent decision, citizens turn to the last resort – a loan through a microfinance organization:

  • with consideration of the application within 5–15 minutes;
  • transfer of funds to any card;
  • registration remotely, without references and accounting of a credit history.

The statistics of cooperation with MFIs clearly shows that it will be difficult to part with such a lender. The structures themselves, charging daily overpayment in hundreds and thousands of percent in annual terms.

The borrower takes 20 thousand rubles and does not have time to pay on time (usually not more than a month) the entire amount, along with interest. Now he has to spend every month 10 thousand rubles only to service the debt, without reducing the principal balance. A few months later, the borrower understands that the overpayment has already exceeded the initial loan size several times, and for the final closure of the debt, alternative sources of financing will have to be found.

A loan from an MFI is taken in full confidence that in a couple of weeks the necessary amount will appear, which overlaps the debt in excess. When making the last payment, they are required to provide a certificate of the absence of financial and other claims against the borrower.

Loan with fine print terms

Loan with fine print terms


Signing a contract with the bank, competent borrowers read it carefully. In reality, anticipating the receipt of the required amount, rare citizens take a document to study in advance and consult with a lawyer. Psychological reception, when the borrower has already internally tuned to receive money, gives employees to add conditions to the contract that, when repaying the debt, will cause a lot of trouble to the payer.

Examine the contract and check the items in the text:

  • allowing unilaterally to change the rate;
  • about the extra cost of unnecessary options.

If there are ambiguities, ask questions to the manager, ask again and ask for clarifications. For example, incomprehensible clauses are included in the signed agreement or additional financial obligations are imposed on the borrower. We advise you to abandon the loan and find other ways out of financial problems.

Exceptions to the rules


The benefit of the loan is a rare situation, but this is also possible. Before the loan, answer the following questions:

  1. What are the benefits of a loan?
  2. What are the financial implications if you don’t use the loan now?
  3. What is the total overpayment? What price will have to be paid for solving current problems with borrowed funds?

If the loan will allow you to avoid even greater costs or lead to income, it makes sense to study the loan program.

Examples of situations where borrowed funds can be taken:

  1. Money is needed to make a profit in a short time. Sometimes a start-up needs a small financial investment, and the income from transactions is guaranteed. There are many successful examples, but there is a risk of miscalculation. Then the entrepreneur incurs a loss in the form of interest and related expenses. Others draw up a loan agreement to buy a valuable item, taking advantage of a temporary decline in the market price. In the near future, at the resale, bank interest will return and profit will remain.
  2. Bank funds go to the purchase of mortgage real estate. In a situation when real estate prices are constantly growing, instead of rent for a rental living space, the mortgage agreement fixes the price and expenses for the purchase of a comfortable apartment. More recently, this lending option was economical. After a long fall in real estate prices, the choice in favor of a mortgage loan is justified after careful analysis:
  • the final price of the housing loan;
  • insurance costs;
  • loan processing prices.

There are no standard ways out of life situations, however, if you want to use borrowed funds, it’s time to analyze your life.

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Do you want to take out a loan? Mon, 20 May 2019 11:56:49 +0000


Do you want to finance a personal project with a loan? Do you want to take out a loan? This article summarizes in 5 points what you must absolutely consider.

5 useful tips to choose the credit that will be perfectly suited to your profile and your needs.

5 useful tips to choose the credit that will be perfectly suited to your profile and your needs.

1. Do not leave the margin at the budget level

1. Do not leave the margin at the budget level

When you have a project and want to make a loan to finance it, it is very important to first assess your borrowing capacity. That is to say, your ability to repay it without difficulty, even in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

For this, you can start from a simple calculation. It consists of adding your monthly income and subtracting your monthly expenses, including the amount of the refund of the new credit you wish to contract.

Monthly income – monthly expenses * = rest to live

* including the repayment of the new credit.

Then you have to compare the result of this subtraction so-called “rest to live” with the sum of your monthly income. Generally, it is considered that the remaining living must be at least 30% of monthly income for a single person and 50% for a couple.

Nevertheless, this is a minimum. Therefore, it is always better to provide more room for these ceilings. This margin will allow you to face any unforeseen events. Note that this rule can be taken into account as long as your monthly income is at least 1250 euros.

This calculation will also allow you to estimate the ideal duration for your credit. Indeed, extending its duration will allow you to reduce the monthly repayment so that it fits your budget. Attention, however, that maximum periods are fixed by the regulation according to the amount borrowed.


2. Do not compare

2. Do not compare

There are many credit offers, so it’s important to compare and evaluate the offer that’s right for you.


To compare, always leave the APR (annual percentage rate). This is an “all inclusive” rate that allows you to effectively compare all offers of personal credit, regardless of their formula.


3. Do not read the terms and conditions

Although the regulations strictly and precisely regulate consumer credit, it is absolutely necessary to read the general terms and conditions of the contract. These must be provided to you through the credit intermediary or the lender.

They will allow you to understand the conditions before making a credit.

You will discover, for example:

  • that you still have the right to waive your credit within 14 days of its conclusion
  • that you can also repay in advance in whole or in part at any time
  • late fees are capped by regulation.


4. Focus only on the rate

4. Focus only on the rate

When you receive a credit offer, it is important to compare all the elements of the proposal that is made to you. Beyond the lending rate, look at the APR (annual percentage rate of charge). As mentioned above it is the all inclusive rate. He therefore takes all the costs of your loan application.

For example, having to pay a fee is not necessarily negative. Indeed, if you have two loan offers with the same APR, you will finally pay the same for your credit, whether it includes or not a fee.

Stopping only on the rate could also prevent you from seeing other benefits offered by some lenders. For example, Harlequin offers a reward to all borrowers who have correctly repaid their loan over its entire life. This consists of a sum of money equivalent to a portion of the cost of credit, paid to the borrower at the end of the loan.

Also beware of scams! An authorized lender can never ask you to pay fees before the loan is granted, for example to analyze your file.

5. Do not consider the possibility of grouping your credits

If you already have credits in progress, it may be interesting, as part of a new credit application, to study the possibility of consolidating all of your credits.

A pool of credits is to gather 2 or more credits in one.

A credit consolidation can allow you either to obtain better rate conditions on the new loan pooling existing ones, or to modify the conditions of your existing credits.

For example, you have two credits over 36 months. You want to make a new loan and consolidate the whole with a repayment of a longer duration. The final cost will be higher, but the proportional reduction in the monthly payment obtained through consolidation will allow you to manage your monthly budget more easily.

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Fast online payday loans without presenting your payroll Mon, 13 May 2019 21:18:35 +0000 Looking for a quick payday loan without a paycheck ? Here we explain how to do it!

To have a personal payday loan it is not strictly necessary to have a pay slip but rather it is necessary to prove to the lending bank that you are able to repay the debt . Therefore it is necessary to present other guarantees . Let’s see below which, analyzing some case studies.

 A quick payday loan is also possible as a freelancer without a pay slip


  • Fast loans for freelancers
  • Fast loans for housewives and students
    • How to get a loan from a housewife or student?
  • Is it possible to have a loan without a pay slip and without a guarantor?
  • The only fast loan possible without any guarantee

Fast loans for freelancers

Fast loans for freelancers

If you are a freelancer or self-employed , you will need to prove that you have an income that can be adapted to the disbursement of the loan to get a quick payday loan. The amount the bank can lend to you will also be tied to your income.

Unfortunately, the condition of a freelancer does not guarantee business continuity like that of an employee. For this reason the amount lent generally does not exceed € 30,000. But we can tell you that it is possible to obtain a personal payday loan or even a loan between private individuals through social lending platforms. keep in mind though that the latter is a loan that is less fast than the personal payday loan that we show you below.

XYZ also offers personal payday loans for freelancers

We report XYZ among the fastest solutions when it comes to a personal payday loan if you work on your own.

Remember that to make a request, keep your tax return ready . If you already have an electronic format, make your quick online request immediately. You will be contacted immediately by a consultant to whom you can ask all your questions. Within 24/48 hours you will have the outcome and delivery in a very short time.

Fast loans for housewives and students

Fast loans for housewives and students

If you are a housewife or a student , we advise you that you will not be able to get large amounts, but you can request a maximum of € 5,000 .

How to get a loan from a housewife or student?

You will need to prove that you can support the loan even if you are a housewife or student. To do this you have two options:

  • You will need to prove an income such as renting a property or receipts for odd jobs.
  • If this is not possible, you must have a guarantor who receives a demonstrable income, such as a family member with a pay slip that is not reported as a bad payer.

If you meet at least one of the requirements, you can choose to apply for a fast loan to COMPASS, which following the feasibility assessment will provide the loan in maximum 48 hours on your current account.

Is it possible to have a loan without a pay slip and without a guarantor?

Is it possible to have a loan without a pay slip and without a guarantor?

You have seen above that in the presence of a small demonstrable income or a guarantor, even housewives and students can apply for a loan even if they have small amounts. Or if you are a freelancer, you can prove your income through your tax return.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain a fast loan without a pay slip, without guarantor or other guarantees. Even for small numbers, banks and financial institutions want to be sure of getting back the money they lent you.

Keep in mind that even if you are looking for a loan with bills or a loan between private individuals, the situation is still the same. Even in these cases, guarantees are required to receive a loan. But we have one last possibility that requires no guarantees. Let’s see it below.

The only fast loan possible without any guarantee

The only fast loan possible without any guarantee

If you have come to read up to here but haven’t found the solution for you, we want to tell you that there is one last chance to get an immediate loan without collateral. It is a very fast and easy to request method. This is the Monte dei Pegni .

You will have to go to the pawnshop in your city and you will have to commit a gold jewel or a valuable item to get the money right away.

Therefore, an assessment will not be made on your credit situation but you will simply be lent the money based on the value of the committed object .

There will be a deadline to be respected in order to return the loan and if you are able to correctly compensate your debt, you will be returned the object of value committed. To learn more, read our article on immediate loans in 1 hour.

We hope to have helped you find the loan for you. We know how difficult it is to be in financial difficulties.

If you have arrived here without being able to get a loan or to commit a valuable item, we suggest that you try to rely on your family or friends . You’ll see that they can give you money to solve your problem. Little by little, a fee a month, you can give them back to him. Keep in mind though that even the loan between friends or relatives must be regulated and written down.


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Where are Credit Card Points, Bonus and Chip Coins Used? Mon, 13 May 2019 12:03:48 +0000

When shopping with banks’ credit cards, points are earned at the rate determined by the bank. You can even earn points by doubling if the point of sale is a credit card member in the market, store and similar point of sale. Because customers are offered two or three times more points in the contracted stores. Therefore, individuals generally prefer stores that earn more points…

Bonus, Points and Chip Coins Accumulated in Credit Cards


As a result of purchases made with credit cards, prize money is given to each bank. These prize money, which are called Chip money in Antosbank accounts, Bonus in cards with Good Lender feature and points in other cards, are the equivalent of the points earned by customers from purchases.

By using these points instead of money on subsequent purchases, you can have a chance to make discount purchases. However, you should pay attention to this date if there is any deadline set by your bank for this. Because it is not possible to use the points accumulated on your card after that date. Therefore, when you earn points, you must use the prizes without deleting them from your account.

Where can I use the money accumulated in credit cards?

Where can I use the money accumulated in credit cards?

The money accumulated on credit cards enables free shopping within the period determined by the bank to which the card belongs. However, you will need to make purchases at the locations where your credit card product is contracted.

Since the credit card features and gift points of each bank are different, the stores, web sites and markets that are contracted may also vary. For this reason, you can examine the accumulation of money on your credit card by using the following topics:

Where are Good Lender Used?


You can earn bonus up to the amount you spend in places where you have agreed to the bonus credit card. It is also possible to earn bonuses according to the campaign options prepared by the bank or member merchant. You can redeem these bonuses in the following stores, e-commerce sites, gas stations, and stores.

Honest  Points Where to use?

We have listed the stores where you can use your World panes, the markets where you can use the TL equivalents of your expenses with the cards that have World credit card feature, and the websites below. You can shop at these stores, markets, and e-commerce sites without deleting your World points:

Please note that you can also load TL with your World points and pay your bills with automatic payment order. In order to load TL on your mobile phone for World points, you should write your code, your mother’s maiden name and the amount of points you want to use as a space between them and send an SMS to 4433.

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Loans between relatives or friends – Find out how to regulate them Fri, 05 Apr 2019 21:09:07 +0000 You are thinking that the easiest solution for you, given the difficulty of having a loan from a bank or a finance company, is to request it from a brother or a friend. If you are lucky enough to find a close relative or a friend who can lend you money, surely this is the fastest way to get them. The loan between relatives or friends is practically immediate if the other person confirms that he wants to help you. But we want to warn you from the Revenue Agency and give you some tips on how to proceed.

In fact, in this article we want to inform you that for the loan between relatives or friends:

In fact, in this article we want to inform you that for the loan between relatives or friends:

  • it is good to stipulate a private agreement between the applicant and the lender;
  • it is better that the loan is non-interest bearing , that is, that interest payments are not envisaged. If the loan was burdensome (with interest), the relative gain on the tax return should be indicated;
  • you have to make a private writing even when the transfer of money is free of charge as a gift , this to certify the fact that money is not the reward for illegal work, if there was the need to prove it.


  • Private writing: Why do it in case of a loan between relatives?
  • Loan between friends or relatives: How to declare it

Private writing: Why do it in case of a loan between relatives?


Writing black on white through private writing the loan or even the free transfer of money between relatives or friends is good for these reasons:

  • only the transfer of money between wife and husband is allowed without having to declare anything. If the relationship is weaker, even if we talk about a brother or uncle, the loan of unregistered money can be a problem in the eyes of the Revenue Agency. This is because it could be the compensation for a job in the black. If there is no private deed to prove the loan, the opposite cannot be proved and therefore the problem may arise.
  • Even if we love each other and our relatives, when money is drawn, relationships tilt. It could happen to argue about anything or for some payment delay and that’s how the problem of demonstrating that you have made a loan to your relative becomes difficult. This is why we advise you to protect this agreement by registering the private agreement with the Revenue Agency.
  • Private writing also protects the lender with regard to the need to prove that the loan is non-interest bearing and therefore no interest is earned (this aspect must be explicitly stated).
  • This document can also be useful in case of failure to repay the loan because an injunction can be used without incurring a lawsuit.

Loan between friends or relatives: How to declare it

Loan between friends or relatives: How to declare it

For the reasons mentioned above it is important to declare a loan even if it is non-interest bearing and here we explain to you what to do.

You will have to write a text in threefold copies where the following points must be indicated:

  • data of the lender and borrower (indicate name, surname, birth, residence, tax identification number);
  • indicate the loaned amount, payment methods with dates and banks;
  • Loan duration;
  • Purpose of the loan;
  • Admitted advance refund;
  • non-interest bearing loan;
  • Method of return.

The 3 copies must be signed by both parties and a stamp must be affixed to each copy. Private writing will then have to be registered with the Revenue Agency. Here we leave the link for further information where you can find directions on how to register it.

If you are unable to get a loan from a relative or friend, discover the benefits of loans between individuals through social lending.

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Bank Loans: How to Tell My Partners? Mon, 01 Apr 2019 06:34:22 +0000

Debt is indeed a frightening specter, especially when faced alone and hidden from other people. At Loans at Loans, we often find that debt problems are also sometimes experienced by a husband or wife, and unknown to their partners. This is not likely to occur due to fear and guilt for what has been done. In fact, often their husbands or wives never knew that their partners had been able to apply for loans either in the form of credit cards or KTA.

To overcome this, usually someone will prefer to hide it rather than having to lift it in conversation. Of course this is done to avoid any friction between the two. Loans at Loans understands the difficulty of living secrets of debt, especially if the nominal debt is very large and burdensome. For this reason, if you are one of those people who are reluctant to share the financial problem with your partner, Loans at Loans strongly recommends communicating it to your partner. Why Is It Important to Tell Your Partner that You Are Trapped in Debt?


Remember That This Concerns the Main Foundation in the Family, Mutual Trust

Remember That This Concerns the Main Foundation in the Family, Mutual Trust

Not infrequently, someone just does not tell the couple that he had time to apply for a loan to the bank. After using the loan for some time, and used it for other purposes until the nominal debt accumulates, this is where the bank debt problem begins to emerge. Keep the problem of being entangled in bank debt from a partner can certainly have a major impact on the main foundation in your relationship with your partner, namely mutual trust.

In fact, this is very important to inform the couple. When faced with financial problems, including when caught in bank debt, of course you and your partner must face this problem seriously. Problems that involve money like this can also have an impact on long-term plans that have been structured in such a way in your family.

Imagine if this important issue was not discussed with a partner, of course you would be considered a person who is less responsible and cannot be trusted. Therefore, keep communicating so that you and your partner can both find a way out and look again, about which sources of funds can still be used so that the debt problem can be quickly resolved.

Fast or Slow Debt Problems Will Be Revealed

Fast or Slow Debt Problems Will Be Revealed

Saving debt problems whenever it is actually useless. How not, as explained a while ago. All information on debtors in Indonesia are all recorded in an integrated system.

Through integrated system, all bank and nonbank institutions that manage money can check the smooth payment of your credit. So, for example, one day your partner wants to apply for a loan to the bank, whether it is a credit card, KTA, KPR, KKB, or other loans, will definitely be rejected.

Why? Because you are in a family card, and this will make it difficult for other members to get credit. From here, of course the secrets that you have been hiding so far will be revealed in detail, including the nominal debt, the type of debt, to the length of the arrears period that has been running.

So, there’s no point in keeping a secret, right? Express this honestly with your partner before it’s too late, and the couple knows it from the bank.

It is your partner who will help you in paying off debt

It is your partner who will help you in paying off debt

Over time, debt problems will usually be more burdensome. In important moments like this, usually moral support from a partner will be very necessary so that you and your partner are able to pay off the debt to completion.

It does not rule out the possibility, your partner will also help in supporting the funds in order to pay off the debt problem to completion. In times like this, you and your partner can start making big decisions so that you can get rid of the debt together in marriage.



Ways to Speak to Couples Regarding Joint Debt in Marriage

Stop Credit Usage

Stop Credit Usage

The first practical step can certainly be to stop using credit. On credit cards, for example, stop shopping using the card. If not done from now, nominal arrears can be higher and will further complicate you. Remember that the more you default, the interest rates on the loan will also continue.

Prepare detailed loan information that is being faced and possible ways to deal with it

Prepare detailed loan information that is being faced and possible ways to deal with it

Before expressing the issue of debt to a partner, re-record how much the loan has so far been in arrears, from here you can know about where the debt allocation has been made.

So, you can know exactly what caused the error that made you become in arrears. In this position, it is important not to blame the situation and remain responsible for the mistakes you make.

Don’t forget, tell the couple that you are ready to take responsibility and resolve the debt problem to completion. However, if you also feel like you are having trouble, don’t hesitate to ask for help from your partner.


Start Rearranging the Budget

Start Rearranging the Budget

Tell your partner to sit together and reorder the budget that you have. How long does it take until the debt problem can be resolved. Do not forget, start calculating how much of the remaining savings can still be used to pay the remaining debt.

Also remember what are the opportunities that can still be utilized, so that even if the couple will eventually intervene, you do not impose everything on the couple. At this time, you can also start evaluating various types of unnecessary expenses and minimize spending on other posts. The more things that can be reduced, the greater the funds obtained can be allocated to pay the remaining debt.


Get Additional Advice from More Experienced Consultants: Loans at Loans

Get Additional Advice from More Experienced Consultants: Loans at Loans

Do not forget, try to ask for additional advice from the more experienced parties, for example in the debt management program provider company, for example Loans at Loans. Companies like this usually provide solutions so that you can pay off debt more easily, the solution can be by following a debt and refinancing management program.


Debt Relief Program

This relief program is usually referred to as credit restructuring. According to the Bank Indonesia Regulation , credit restructuring is an improvement effort made by the Bank in credit activities to debtors who have difficulties in fulfilling their obligations. The results of this credit restructuring can usually alleviate customers so that they can better afford to pay.

There are several types of relief programs that can be obtained, for example: getting a discount on credit, deductions with extended installments, or a combination of both.


Debt Refinancing / Consolidation

Debt Refinancing / Consolidation

Basically   Debt consolidation is a step taken to make it easier for you to pay off the combined types of debt into one debt to a financial institution other than a bank.

There are two types of debt consolidation, namely using collateral and not using collateral. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, and can be obtained in accordance with the terms and conditions provided by non-bank financing institutions.

Now, Loans at Loans works with institutions   finance company   and company   friends to friends lending   trusted in Indonesia. This is done as Loans at Loans’s efforts in helping our clients in leading a new life free of debt, which is integrated into the Loans at Loans debt management program. The following are two types of debt consolidation programs available at Loans at Loans.

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