Where are Credit Card Points, Bonus and Chip Coins Used?

When shopping with banks’ credit cards, points are earned at the rate determined by the bank. You can even earn points by doubling if the point of sale is a credit card member in the market, store and similar point of sale. Because customers are offered two or three times more points in the contracted stores. Therefore, individuals generally prefer stores that earn more points…

Bonus, Points and Chip Coins Accumulated in Credit Cards


As a result of purchases made with credit cards, prize money is given to each bank. These prize money, which are called Chip money in Antosbank accounts, Bonus in cards with Good Lender feature and points in other cards, are the equivalent of the points earned by customers from purchases.

By using these points instead of money on subsequent purchases, you can have a chance to make discount purchases. However, you should pay attention to this date if there is any deadline set by your bank for this. Because it is not possible to use the points accumulated on your card after that date. Therefore, when you earn points, you must use the prizes without deleting them from your account.

Where can I use the money accumulated in credit cards?

Where can I use the money accumulated in credit cards?

The money accumulated on credit cards enables free shopping within the period determined by the bank to which the card belongs. However, you will need to make purchases at the locations where your credit card product is contracted.

Since the credit card features and gift points of each bank are different, the stores, web sites and markets that are contracted may also vary. For this reason, you can examine the accumulation of money on your credit card by using the following topics:

Where are Good Lender Used?


You can earn bonus up to the amount you spend in places where you have agreed to the bonus credit card. It is also possible to earn bonuses according to the campaign options prepared by the bank or member merchant. You can redeem these bonuses in the following stores, e-commerce sites, gas stations, and stores.

Honest  Points Where to use?

We have listed the stores where you can use your World panes, the markets where you can use the TL equivalents of your expenses with the cards that have World credit card feature, and the websites below. You can shop at these stores, markets, and e-commerce sites without deleting your World points:

Please note that you can also load TL with your World points and pay your bills with automatic payment order. In order to load TL on your mobile phone for World points, you should write your code, your mother’s maiden name and the amount of points you want to use as a space between them and send an SMS to 4433.

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