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Direct lender payday loans online bad credit -Cash loans direct lenders only

Do you want to borrow a 50 euro without BKR assessment? A small loan is possible with certain mini-loan providers. This is possible by taking out a mini loan of 100 euros and using only 50 euros. Even if you have a BKR registration, you can still apply for this loan without being tested. You can request a mini loan of 50 euros easily and quickly online. Do you want to borrow more money? Then it is also possible, for example, to borrow 500 euros, to borrow 1000 euros up to an amount of 1500 euros. On this page you will find all the information how you can borrow 50 euros that will be in your account within 24 hours.

Cash loans direct lenders only: Even people with bad credit have options

You can easily and quickly borrow money through cash loans direct lenders, even for people with bad credit. You must apply for a loan of 100 euros and use only 50 euros of this. You can immediately repay the remaining 50 euros via Ideal. Requesting a small loan of 50 euros has a standard lead time of 15 or 30 days. This means that you must have repaid this loan within 15 or 30 days. In addition, you must meet a number of conditions in order to apply for a mini-loan. You can read more about this below.

Conditions of a Mini Loan

  • You live in the Netherlands
  • You have the Dutch nationality
  • You are between 21 and 70 years old
  • You may need proof of income

How can you borrow 50 euros?

Applying for a loan of 50 euros is easy and fast at Zaloan or Eicredit. A mini loan without paperwork is often the wish of the customer and this makes the application process very easy. You must go through a number of steps.

Requested in 5 steps

  1. To the site of the mini-loan provider
  2. Send a copy of your ID in color via a webcam
  3. Make a choice personal guarantor or external guarantor
  4. Transfer € 0.01 to approve your bank account
  5. After approval you will receive your loan within 1 day

The cost of a loan of 50 euros

The cost of a loan of 50 euros

As described above, you must take out a loan of 100 euros, using only 50 euros. The small loan can be a lot more expensive if you do not have a personal guarantor. The costs of a loan of 100 euros with a guarantor from a mini-loan provider are as follows:

15 days with guarantor

The costs are € 0.53 if you choose a period of 15 days and if you choose a guarantor who is affiliated with Zaloan or Balance Dip, an amount of € 10.89 will be added.

30 days with guarantor

The costs are € 1.08 if you choose a period of 30 days and you choose a guarantor who is affiliated with Zaloan or Eicredit then an amount of € 21.00 will be added.

Borrowing 50 euros without BKR review

You can borrow money under 500 euros without being tested at the BKR. So if you want to borrow money quickly with a negative BKR registration, there are many options for an affordable mini loan. Requesting a mini loan is free, without obligation and can be done online within a few minutes. By following a number of steps you can borrow money easily and quickly. The minimum amount for a mini loan is 100 euros to no less than 1500 euros. So do you urgently need money for a short time? Then this is the outcome! You can easily pay off your loan within a few weeks.

What is a BKR registration?

In the Netherlands there is protection when it comes to consumer loans. The Credit Registration Office , better known as the BKR, is a body that keeps track of Dutch loans. For example, the BKR indicates that there are 9 million consumers in their files. and loans from € 500 are registered with the BKR. A BKR registration generally has a negative association. The case is that there are two types of registration, a negative BKR registration, but also a positive BKR registration. As long as you have paid off your loan, nothing is wrong and you have a positive registration. You will receive a negative registration if you cannot pay off your loan. After two months of payment arrears, the loan provider will report this to the BKR. You have probably already had contact or notice from your loan provider about your arrears. You can no longer take out a loan for protection.

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