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Microloans of the Future

Does it need to be told that the financial system, like no other, follows innovation and new technologies? Every bank is now trying to make its services more convenient for customers and transactions faster. Who knows, maybe microloans in the future will be approved before the client contacts the company. Anyway, filling out an application for a loan through a web form may be a thing of the past.

Our children, if they look at today’s online lending services, can be very surprised at what they need:

– more than 5 minutes to enter your personal information from the keyboard (sometimes with a very small keyboard on the smartphone)

– collect and submit additional documents for scoring

– wait for approval, and then wait for the receipt of funds on your card.

They will not understand this because it takes a lot of time and unnecessary effort. This is the same as today we are unlikely to understand a person who buys a huge encyclopedia on several CDs or uses an old modem who needs a telephone cable to access the Internet. Those who are over 25 years old will surely remember the sounds that this device made.

Microloans of the future with new technologies

Microloans of the future with new technologies

After ten years should appear financial products that do not require the consumer:

– to distract from the affairs

– sit in front of the computer

– focus on repeatedly explaining who they are and what they want from their device.

New technologies will improve consumer identification systems and make future microloans our friends, who know us and faithfully expect us to signal that we need to use their service. When the bank needs our attention, he will carefully ask a question in order to receive information from his client. The most important thing is that they will remember everything that was told to them once, without reminders and confirmation, and will carefully ask about the available information when any changes appear.

In the near future, our gadgets will replace devices that resemble inserts with intelligent sensors that will read signals without the need to get them out of their pocket, turn on, enter a password, and then press buttons. With the help of smart devices you can confidentially interact with other consumers. They will be able to observe the context of events and activate at the right time.

Active technical support

Active technical support

Once having received data from the consumer, the system itself will interact with all client devices. The product, not the user, will decide when to interact with us. It will switch from one device to another, whether it is our smartphone, a navigator in the car, a home computer or the Smart Home system, read information from them and transmit to an insert that is always at the customer’s place.

Microloans of the future should produce products

Microloans of the future should produce products

That will process all this information and foresee the needs of their customers. Even such moments when a person is in a hurry for a business meeting, the application must react, pick up a calm voice and bring the details of the transaction to the device, and maybe even advise to postpone the meeting.

Of course, for such a tight interaction with the client, he will need to transfer his personal data to the company, which will be stored and in no way disclosed. In addition to the passport numbers and social insurance numbers that are already familiar to us, social network accounts, mailboxes and digital signatures will have significant significance. The user will understand the difference when he provides information for eternal use, and when for one particular case. At any time, the user should be able to withdraw the information.

Today, microloans are considered more individual financial products than bank loans. In the future, they can track information about their clients every second and be some kind of financial advisor.

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